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Providing Solutions for Your Growing Business

Factoring allows a business to leverage it Accounts Receivable and use them as a source of collateral to attain a working capital facility. By having access to the available Cash – NOW – from your Accounts Receivable, you accelerate your cash flow, making it available to pay business costs like payroll, vendors, payroll taxes, and about anything else your business may need.

If you are in the business of selling products or services and are in need of cash, our team at ATLANTAWORKINGCAPITAL can help. We offer accounts receivable financing options for a wide range of companies. Even if you are a start-up business, are losing money or have filed for bankruptcy, our financing methods can help get you the money you need.

How It Works

Financing your accounts receivable is also known as factoring. ATLANTAWORKINGCAPITAL will purchase your invoices at a discount in exchange for liquidity. As long as you sell your goods or services to companies that pay in 30 days or more, we can help. We base the amount of money you qualify for on your customer’s credit, not yours. That is why this solution is optimal for companies without established revenue or with bad credit.

Accounts receivable funding means that you will not be incurring any debt. Essentially, your company is selling an asset through selling your invoices. You can think of it as outsourcing your accounts receivable department. On top of receiving the money you need, factors will also provide you with:

• Credit checks of your customers, which can identify risky areas
• Detailed statements that are issued on a monthly basis
• Free credit insurance for accounts that meet certain criteria

These valuable services can enable your business to grow, and our team at ATLANTAWORKINGCAPITAL is ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost analysis with one of our team members.

• Cash in 24 hours
• No personal guarantees
• We finance any type of business
• No recourse even if the account does not pay
• Credit insurance on your clients at no cost to you
• No arbitrary loan board decisions
• No Fixed Payments
• As sales and receivables increase, funding Increases
• Focus on your business, not collections
• Take advantage of early payment or bulk purchase discounts from your suppliers
• Ability to service large and / or unexpected orders
• Accounts receivable financing is more flexible and quicker than bank loans

Use The Money To:
• Fund payroll or other operating expenses
• Purchase inventory to take advantage of bulk/early payment discounts
• Fund expansion and growth
• Respond to seasonal demands and opportunities
• Take on that large new account with confidence

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  • Fast Growth Companies
  • Start-Ups
  • Payroll
  • Working Capital Needs
  • Bank Turn Downs
  • Turn Around Situations
  • High Concentration Customers
  • Maximized Credit Lines
  • Bank Workouts