Consulting Companies Accounts Receivable Factoring

//Consulting Companies Accounts Receivable Factoring
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Consulting Industry Working Capital    
              There are a number of industries and sectors we understand well. One of them is the consultancy business. We recognize the challenges of having consultants or yourself offsite much of the time, and the access to back office systems and reports needed to help arrange ongoing financing draws is often difficult to keep up with.
              We make it easy by minimizing those requested reports, understanding the nature of your assignments, and working with you to insure that cash flow keeps Flowing – while you spend you time investing in your clients, not in reporting.
For the Consulting Industry we can assist with: 
  • Working Capital for Consulting Assignments with billable hours while in mid-assignment
  •  Insure that Consulting Companies have adequate cash on hand for payroll
  • Work with Consulting companies to finance defined milestone billings
  • Help Consulting Companies verify and validate billable hours
  • Meet most all essential working capital needs that Consultants have 
Complete our Consulting Industry Working Capital Application Below:

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  • Fast Growth Companies
  • Start-Ups
  • Payroll
  • Working Capital Needs
  • Bank Turn Downs
  • Turn Around Situations
  • High Concentration Customers
  • Maximized Credit Lines
  • Bank Workouts