Import and Export Accounts Receivable Financing

//Import and Export Accounts Receivable Financing
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Import & Export Industry Trade Finance Solutions
  • We consistently help Importers and Exporters all over the U.S. by providing Working Capital, International Letters of Credit (LOC), Purchase Order Capitalization, Mobilization and Shipping and Freight Financing. This helps to:
  • Guarantee Payment – Insure Domestic and International Suppliers, Manufacturers and Vendors will be paid
  • Fund Purchase Orders – Provide for Purchase Order Capitalization with little or not cash output from our client
  •  Grow Sales – without limitations of Capital (Take on much larger orders)
  • No New Debt – Growth without increased debt load
  •  Retain Equity – Obtain and utilize cash without having to give up equity or ownership
  •  Faster Delivery – and Fulfillment Times
  • Fulfill Orders with Minimal Capital – Finance the entire fulfillment cost of Purchase Orders, minimizing cash output.
  •  Finance Shipping and Transportation Costs
 Complete our Import & Export Working Capital or Purchase Order Application Below:

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  • Fast Growth Companies
  • Start-Ups
  • Payroll
  • Working Capital Needs
  • Bank Turn Downs
  • Turn Around Situations
  • High Concentration Customers
  • Maximized Credit Lines
  • Bank Workouts