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Lawn & Landscape Industry Working Capital Solutions
 I PERSONALLY have 12+ Years Experience in the Lawn & Landscape Industry

We Specialize in the Greens Industry, Landscape Maintenance, Commercial Landscape Services, and Commercial Lawn Care Accounts. With more than 12 years as an owner of several Lawn (LCO) and Landscape Maintenance businesses in metro Atlanta, coupled with several years in Los Angeles with TruGreen Landcare, I am more than well versed when it comes to financing and lending into this industry. 
  • Commercial Maintenance Accounts – Receive Cash as soon as you invoice – don’t wait 30 to 60 days. We advance 80% of the invoice the day you invoice the customer, or anytime thereafter that you need it. We can also sometimes “front run” payroll, meaning under the right situations we can help you make payroll before you issue the first invoice.
  • Start-Up New Maintenance Accounts knowing you can pay payroll until the first invoice comes in. Stop worrying about whether you can take on new work due to payroll, labor and materials, or other costs to start it up. As soon as you invoice the first time, we will advance up to 80%. Bid new work with confidence that your cash flow can keep up with your growth.
  • Reduce downtime for equipment you are “waiting for money” to repair.
  • Avoid asking customers for embarrassing deposits to fund your jobs
  • Fund against all types of Maintenance – Government Landscape Jobs and Maintenance, Municipal Landscaping, Commercial Office Landscape Maintenance, Mufti-Family Landscape Maintenance, Industrial Landscape Maintenance, or any other B2B Landscape Maintenance Billings.

  • Enhancements – Complete and Bill Enhancements knowing you can either pay vendors on time (if Terms) or pay cash for materials as needed. Quit worrying about enhancement labor, knowing you can make payroll for those extra jobs. Bid Enhancements knowing you can handle them efficiently.
  • Pay Vendors on time and improve your credit standing. The Greens Industry is already challenged when it comes to lenders wanting to extend credit. In order to be attractive you need to have a stellar commercial credit rating.
  •  Live with a sense of confidence that you always have access to working capital for your landscape business, and that you can stop checking the mailbox every day in fear a check does not arrive.
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