Working Capital for Wireless and Cellular Companies

//Working Capital for Wireless and Cellular Companies
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We Specialize in Cellular Installation & Service Co Working Capital
With a number of our clients being in the cellular service and construction fields we understand the specific needs of working with both the carriers, and the primes. 
We understand such needs as: 
  •  Prime vs Sub Relationships
  •  Payroll Burden on extended jobs
  •  Mobilization Costs
  •  Site Inspection Certificates and Sign Offs
  •  Required Maximum Job Time to Completion
  •  Sites Near & Far from Shop / Home
  •  Need for Mobile Office Ability
  •  Sometimes Red Tape by Primes & Carriers
  •  Carriers Site Procurement Managers
  •  Co-Lo vs. New Installation
  •  Service -vs- Add On’s -vs- New Tower
  •  Maintenance -vs- Construction
With a number of clients in the Cellular industry we have come to know and learn some of the unique processes and ways to work effectively with this industry. We feel we have a strong understanding of it, the major players within it, and are able to quickly adapt to new concepts and procedures better than any other working capital provider.
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