Factoring Process

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After establishing your Factoring relationship, the process to submit invoices, manage your account and receive the funds each time, is simple.
  • STEP 1 : Submit your invoice in one of three ways, whichever you prefer:
    • By Fax
    • By Scan and Email
    • By Scan and Upload via your online login with us
  • STEP 2 : Send your invoice along with any relevant back-up or other information that helps you verify and prove that the invoice is both valid and all of the underlying work or products are complete or delivered.
  • STEP 3 : We will work with you to verify the invoices validity (which we can do working together with you in a number of ways that are both non-intrusive and do not necessarily elude to your customer that you are factoring),
  • STEP 4 : Typically the same day that you submit the invoice and we are able to verify, we will wire or ACH 80-90% of the face value of the invoice to your operating account.
    • STEP 5: When your customer remits payment for the invoice you have issued and when we receive such we will apply the payment to the factored invoice and your account.
      • We will then rebate to you the remaining 10-20% (10% if we originally advanced you  90% and 20% if we advanced 80%), less our nominal fees.
      • All transactions, both the originating advance, and the rebate are done either by wire transfer or electronic ACH, your choice. We can issue paper checks if you request.


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