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“As though Scott’s accolades are not enough for anyone to be convinced that he is the right man for the job. After you have a chance to speak with Scott there will be no doubt that he is the best.
Every time that I have worked with Scott he has provided me with nothing but true professionalism and the results that I was seeking to obtain by going to someone of his caliber.
I can’t say enough great things about Scott that hasn’t already been said or experienced by myself and others.
Thanks for all the hard work and great results that you have become famous for.” October 16, 2012

Rocky Sabini, President/CEO, Global Funding Resource

“I’ve worked with Scott over several years on quite a few business funding opportunities and I can say that he has always been a true professional and done a great job. I highly recommend Scott.” January 15, 2011

Tony Erwin, Owner, SkyRocket Financial Solutions

“Scott has been excellent as this chapter’s President and I look forward to continuing my membership and participation with NFA-Atlanta. Under his direction, the assn has provided valuable and productive networking opportunities, as well as interesting speakers and events.Thanks, Mark.” February 2, 2011

Mark A. Greenlaw, Vice President – Eastern Regional Sales, Atradius Trade Credit Insurance

“Scott Brown is one of the most dedicated individual I have had the pleasure being assoicated with. He is always warm out going and has the knowledge not only in his day to day business dealing, but he has the flare for what it takes to make a great president of the Atlanta Chapter NAtional Funding Assoication. Scott is always finding ways to keep the association exciting and informative;as well as; keeping the members growing the chapter. I feel priviliged to be a board member of the association and working with Scott. Scott has some great idea and plans for 2011. Look forward to seeing each of you at our meeting.

Rose Watts” January 14, 2011

Rose Watts, Senior Vice President Atlanta Division, AmeriFactors

“Scott is a tenacious and hard working individual that is involved in his community and profession. He consistently brings those skills and traits to his clients in the form of creative financing to grow their business. If you are looking for alternative funding sources, Scott is the person to call.” January 5, 2011

Mark Munson, Business Development Manager, ACE Microtechnology, Inc.

“Scott does a great job as the President of the NFA. We have worked on serveral opportunities together in which Scott provided the A/R Financing and we enhanced with a Credit Insuarance policy.” January 3, 2011

Jesse Speltz, Senior Vice President, FGI Risk Services

“Scott has done an excellent job as President of the National Funding Association Atlanta Chapter. The NFA Atlanta is one of the best networking groups in Metro Atlanta.” December 29, 2010

David Fortner, Vice President, Bibby Financial Services

“Mr. Scott Brown is a great and active member at City Club of Buckhead. He always portrays himself as a professional and is very dedicated to his work. He hosts his monthly NFA meeting at City Club which in turn showcases the Club to his colleagues and is always prospecting new members for me. One thing I have learned about Mr. Brown is that he always puts his clients first. City Club loves to serve him and we look forward to continuing to serve him in 2011!” December 28, 2010

Amanda Chasse, Membership Director, City Club of Buckhead

“Scott has provided strong leadership as President of NFA demonstrating organizational skills, enthusiasm, marketing skills (membership has increased) and excellent presentation abilities. I will refer him business.” December 26, 2010

Bill (G. W.) Holden, Consultant, Holden & Associates

“No doubt about it, Scott makes things happen. I’ve worked with Scott on raising working capital for my clients and am always impressed with his professionalism and effectiveness. I highly recommend him as a financial solutions provider to financial intermediaries and their business clients.” December 22, 2010

Susan Hasty, CEO, Business Capital Finance

“Scott Preston’s service as President (2010 &2011) has been outstanding. The Atlanta Chapter NFA has progressed in attendance and quality of programs under Sott’s leadership. His dedication is appreciated very much and it is an honor to be associated with Scott.

Donald G. Wisdom
Vice President
Tennessee Commerce Bank” December 21, 2010

Donald Wisdom, Vice President & Manager Atlanta Loan Center, Tennessee Commerce Bank

“Scott has done a great job at promoting the Atlanta NFA chpater ….increasing membership and leading the organization to provide a valuable network of contacts and venues for connecting with others in the industry.” December 21, 2010

Kenneth H. Marks, CM&AA, Founder & Managing Partner, High Rock Partners, Inc.

“Scott Preston is certainly the most organized, dynamic and productive President that NFA has ever had. Under his leadership, all aspects of the organization have improved, our membership has dramatically increased, the quality of the speakers and events has increased, and the overall prestige of the organization within the financial community has advanced significantly. I’ve been on the boards of a number of professional organizations over the last 20 years and have never seen any similar organization managed as well as the Atlanta Chapter of the NFA under Scott.” December 21, 2010

Hayden Kepner, Shareholder, Scroggins & Williamson

“Scott Preston has done a great job as the President of the Atlanta chapter of the NFA. He has brought excellent speakers to the events and has made the meetings worth attending by allowing time to network and learn more about our business. I would highly recommend Scott in the future.” December 21, 2010

Dan Thomas, VP Sales & Marketing, AIM Business Capital

“Great guy with outstanding knowledge and professional contacts. Pleasure to work with.” December 21, 2010

Michael Orr, Managing Director, Aspen Capital Partners, LLC

“Scott is the consumate connector. He goes out of his way to help his clients by connecting them with Professionals who can serve their needs. Scott puts his focus on the relationship vs. the transaction.” December 21, 2010

Jason Peacock, Vice President, Insurance Office of America, Inc.

“Scott has done an outstanding job as President of the Atlanta Chapter of the NFA during 2010. Membership and meeting attendance have both increased markedly during the year and are a direct reflection of Scott’s efforts and effectiveness as Chapter President.” December 21, 2010

Philip Marsden, Managing Director, JPM Consulting Group

“Scott is a harworking knowledgeable person with financial solutions available to clients. He has helped me understand complex financial tools that help me assist my clients. He was always available and dependable. I highly recommend Scott Brown.” December 21, 2010

Steve Girdley, Business Development Director, confidential

“I have observed and worked with Scott in his position as Atlanta Chapter President of the National Funding Associaition (NFA). Under Scott’s leadership, the Atlanta Chapter membership has grown between 50-60%. I attribute this to Scott’s strong marketing and management skills. During Scott’s tenure, the Atlanta Chapter has moved to a very desirable venue and presented a slate of speakers that draws and compliments a highly professional audience.
Scott has assumed a leadership role in planning the NFA’s first National Conference in Atlanta. Again, thanks to his leadership and marketing skills, we are off to a fast start on what is projected to be a very successful Conference in May 2011.
I am proud to applaude Scott for building the #1 Chapter in the NFA network. If Scott manages his business the way he manages the NFA, the competition does not stand a chance.

Everett Walker
NFA Chairman/President” December 21, 2010

Everett Walker, Chairman/President, National Funding Association, Inc.

“Since Scott became President of the Atlanta NFA Chapter, he has brought a unique spin on this networking group. He has been innovative and brought ideas that were very well received from most all of our members. He has been a real asset to the group and I personally look forward to seeing the changes coming to the group under his leadership this coming year.” December 20, 2010

Sandra Skeens, Marketing and Sales Director, MCB Business Credit Services

“Scott has worked with 2 of my clients to help them come up with creative financing solutions for their particular situations. Scott is a professional who always gets back with you.

He has worked with some of my B2B CFO Partners and their clients. They also speak highly of Scott and his service.

He has done a great job this year as Atlanta Chapter Chair of the National Funding Association.

I would highly recommend Scott.” December 20, 2010

George Bergmark III, Partner in the largest US firm providing CFO services to emerging growth and mid-market comp, B2B CFO

“Scott has provided outstanding leadership for NFA. He is attentive to the things that people look to achieve at the group. He has brought NFA to a new higher level of interest.” December 20, 2010

Hal Parkerson, Owner, Attorney/Financial Consultant

“Scott has done a good job in leading the Atlanta Chapter of the NFA in 2010. He moved the monthly chapter meetings to a nice new venue and has arranged for interesting speakers to address the chapter. As a new guest of the chapter, I have found Scott to be a welcoming host.” December 20, 2010

Brendan Dete, CEO, Libertas Financial Corporation

“As the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce, we were approached by Scott Preston Brown to host a panel based discussion on Small Business Finance for our Chamber members. Due to his references provided by fellow chamber associates, we were excited to host Scott for one of our Lunch-N-Learn seminars. With Scott’s guidance, all we had to do was invite our local Chamber member commercial bankers and CPAs to serve on a panel, while Scott would serve as the moderator for our panel discussion. As the moderator, Scott engaged the audience by presenting the panel with scenario based questions. Our members thoroughly enjoyed his style of teaching and eagerly learned from his own personal experiences as a previous small business owner. Thank you Scott for helping us to host a very successful Lunch-N-Learn! What a great idea!” August 23, 2011

Becky Needham, Membership Manager, Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce

“Scott is an extraordinary business person with vast experience that can be applied in a broad range of business situations. He generously volunteered as a lecturer at an SBFI conference for fledgling entrepreneurs and proved himself knowledgable, accessible and very responsive. I admire his professionalism and great personality.” August 27, 2011

Charles H. Green, Executive Director, Small Business Finance Institute

“Scott is a dependable and professional leader with extensive contacts in the finance industry. He has proven to be an effective professional as the head of the NFA Atlanta Chapter, fostering growth and participation in this trade group. We have also found Scott to be very active in his business development capacity and a solid source for qualified leads.” January 13, 2011

Mark Spinner, CEO, ProviderWeb Capital

“Having worked with Scott as President of NFA Atlanta, I can highly recommend his executive skills, his follow up, his integrity and decision making. He’s a great guy and I’d be honored to do other business with him.” January 3, 2011

Debra Glidden, Managing Partner, Core Point Partners

“Scott is one of the best in the factoring industry. Not only does the in-depth knowledge to provide the best service, he has outstanding character and responsiveness. I have referred Scott to several of my existing clients or prospects. Everyone I have sent to Scott has nothing but praise for his work and integrity. I recommend Scott to anyone who is looking to achieve the best result in factoring.” July 27, 2010

Robert P. “Tad” McCampbell, Sr. Business Development Manager, UPS Capital

“As a broker for invoice factoring transactions, I can always count on Scott to go the extra mile. He has always worked with my clients in a professional and respectful manner. Scott consistently works through roadblocks to find a viable financial solution because he is an expert in the factoring industry.” November 22, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Kent Harlan, CPA

“I have worked on several debt offerings with Scott and he has always been extremely responsive, flexible and has brought great industry insight and experience to help get these difficult deals closed. After reviewing many term sheets from competing lenders, the product Scott offers, combined with his ability to get a term sheet in place quickly really sets Scott apart from the rest of the field. Highly recommend working with Scott and Charter.” October 27, 2009

David Fruhling II, Senior Consulting and Investment Banking, Growthink

“Scott is a very personable character who works very hard to put the needs of his clients first.” October 23, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Lisa Mullaney

“Scott has always acted in a completely professional manner. His knowledge in his field covers a broad spectrum. He has always been direct, prompt to respond and honest.” October 17, 2009

Jim McCluskey, President, Eagleton’s Custom Auto Body and Paint

“Scott Preston is a knowledgeable financial agent who makes good things happen” October 14, 2009

Robert Fischl, Consultant, Independent Contractor

“In this challenging business climate business owners need an experienced, trustworthy advocate in their corner when working capital is needed to fuel their businesses. My personal experience is that Scott is such an advocate. You can put yourself in his hands and go about your other responsibilities.” October 1, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Larry Tyler

“As alumni of Riverside Military Academy we were taught commitment to ourselves and the people we serve, dedication to the task at hand, the necessity of character and to think outside the box. Scott has carried these principles personally and professionally. I am proud to recommend Scott. He has a proven record of accomplishment for his clients and his community.” September 24, 2009

Bud Oakey, CEO, Advantus Strategies, LLC

“I am a business coach, and I frequently refer my clients with cashflow challenges to Scott. I have seen many factoring type opportunities, and Scott has the real deal — clearly the best value in this arena.” September 17, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Wayne Kurzen

“Scott is a great banker and a strong financial advicer. He understands the need of business owners and is able to cater his recomendations accordingly.” September 16, 2009

Hasan Mannan, Vice President, SunTrust Bank

“Scott is a great guy and our companies have worked together to put a financial solution in place for one of Scott’s companies.” September 14, 2009

Jesse Speltz, Regional Vice President – Sales, Atradius Trade Credit Insurance

“Scott has been a reliable and trusted source of information for financial transactions.” September 13, 2009

Mark Sargon, Vice President – Financial Advisor, Morgan Keegan

“I have been in contact with Scott for quite some time and have enjoyed working with him. He is a dedicated individual in the financial services (Factoring and ABL) industry. He is very insightful of the market and has been resourceful in sharing his industry knowledge.” September 3, 2009

Beth Nann, Account Manager & Recruiter, The Madison-Davis Group

“Scott is an asset to the industry and a true team player. I highly recommend him, and his company to those that are in need. Scott will go above and beyond to ensure a clients expectations are exceeded.” September 3, 2009

Jennifer Stacey, International Receivables/Credit/Collections Development, ABNA INTL

“I met Scott by recomendation of one of my business bankers at BB&T. Scott was very knowledgeable of his products and did everything including but not limited to follow-up as promised. I hope to work with Scott again in the future.” September 2, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Matt Meeks

“Scott is a detailed tenacious individual that provides an excellent service to customers. It has been my pleasure getting to know this business man.” September 2, 2009

Kim Schmitt, MANAGER, Send Out Cards

“Scott is a knowledgeable and qualified business developer in the Atlanta Factoring community . I would recommend anyone needing assistance in Factoring to contact him.” September 2, 2009

Barry Shulman, Certified Senior Account Manager -Finance, Princeton One

“I’ve worked with Scott and have tested him numerous times. I don’t take time to write these recommendations, but every time I’ve challenged him to deliver something to me he’s done more than I expected so I’m returning in kind. My current client is very happy with Scott’s sales efforts and I’d be quick to represent him to my clients in the future and continue to work with Scott on other projects.

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Stephen Weed

““I’ve enjoyed getting to know Scott over the past few months. I look forward to working closely with him more in 2009.” Thanks for your help.” July 20, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Wes Toone

“Scott is very sincere, honest and has a terrific work ethic. I could not have been happier with his ability to get the job done.” July 6, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mark Rottner

“Scott provided a factoring service for my client in a very timely and expedient fashion. He was extremely thorough in his knowledge of the financing needed and was able to put a line of credit in place to meet deadlines and provide desired cash flow. We were able to finalize our agreement and achieve funding within one week. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who is in need of factoring accounts receivable.” July 5, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Johnny Gates

“Meeting Scott has been a benefit to our company from the onset. He was very knowledgeable of our industry needs and delivered prompt results .” July 1, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Roosevelt Edwards

“I was introduced to Scott through LinkedIn and he offered to help me with a personal issue before we ever even met face-to-face, which gave me great comfort regarding his spirit of altruism. Scott introduced me to his company and I was so impressed with the value proposition that I took him into two clients of mine that were in need of working capital. He did an amazing job understanding their needs and building confidence and trust. Scott was very flexible, responsive and he promptly delivered on all of his commitments. I have quickly become supremely confident and comfortable with Scott as a colleague and a good friend. He is just an all around teriffic guy! Thanks LinkedIn!” May 25, 2009

Mike Stamps, VP Sales, M3 Text Solutions

“Scott succeeds for one reason…..he focuses on how to improve his customer’s current business processes, period! We all admire people who ask the right questions and really LISTEN to our concerns; Scott is an expert in this ability. People trust Scott and actually enjoy doing business with him.” April 27, 2009

Thomas W. Parry, Founder, Linking The Upstate

“Scott is very diligent in helping his clients achieve their goals!” April 27, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

David Rains

“Scott was instrumental in helping us to accelerate our invoices. He went well beyond just selling us his services by showing us other ways we could increase our business. In fact, we are waiting to hear back from him on a big lead he will be passing on to us. Scott is great!” April 24, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Ronald Moore

“Scott has worked with my clients facilitating needs particular to their business model. Feedback from these now mutual clients has been complimentary. Great commercial services contact to have!!” April 24, 2009

Susie Rose, Vice President, Nantahala Bank and Trust Co

“Scott is very knowledgeable with respect to commercial finance and has helped us on several occasions find solutions for our customers.” April 24, 2009

Ernie Roy, General Manager, LeaseItHere.com

“Scott is a dedicated, aware, hard-working businessmen with excellent follow through. Scott recommended work to my firm and is an all around good net-worker ,and nice guy.” April 23, 2009

Chad Lee, President, Lighthouse Debt-Fund

“I met Scott when he was with Presidential Financial. My company was looking for capital funding and Scott took an earnest interest in evaluating our situation. After a personal consultation, he actually recommended we speak with a banking contact of his who ulitmately fulfilled our requirements. He even followed up a couple weeks later to make sure the deal had been completed! I strongly endorse Scott to anyone looking for an ally in business funding.” April 14, 2009

Curtis Bull, Managing Partner, TransCom, LLC

“If you are looking for a real hard and fast worker I would highly recommend Scott. Even though we worked in different regions I could review his activities on Sales Force and Scott always had more appointments than any other salesmen in the company.” April 14, 2009

Bill Bahls, Vice President, Presidential Financial

“Scott is a very aggressive and customer relationship driven. I have never been disappointed with Scotts preformance.” March 18, 2009

Ed McMillan, Member, Primus Lending and Underwritting

“Scott does an excellent job working with companies to evaluate their needs and to find solutions that work. In this economic environment, it helps to have someone of Scott’s expertise on your side of the table!” March 18, 2009

Jason Peacock, Vice President, Insurance Office of America, Inc.

“Although my loan request was unusual Scott convinced the boss of the suitability of my proposal. And although his company was ultimately unable to assist me; he was able to refer me to others that could. His referral sources made me realize just how much he knows about his business. nhe’s a nice guy.” March 18, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jerry Turner

“I recommend Scott. He is a very hard worker and dilgence is his watch word!” March 18, 2009

Britt Christian, Investment Banker, Midtown Partners

“Scott is very knowledgeable in the area of Asset Based Lending and Commercial Finance. He has a great network of lenders and is very helpful in aligning a particular deal with the right source.” March 18, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Ernie Roy

“Ever since Scott joined our organization he has been the consummate professional and approached his responsibilities with great enthusiasm. I look forward to futher developing our professional relationship.” February 26, 2009

Keith Mabe, Director of Operations, Charter Capital

“Scott is a very conscientious, personable individual with an excellent reputation in the financial services industry. He has been a pleasure to know and work with both on referrals and with the NFA. I know I can count on Scott to be knowledeable and extremely courteous to clients and colleagues and I highly recommend him.” January 19, 2011

Beth Malin, Account Representative, Facteon

“Scott is a wonderful individual who goes above and beyond and out of his way to see that he delivers what he promises, and then some. I trust Scott without hesitation. I strongly encourage anyone looking for “reliable, over-the-top, bend over backwards” service, to contact him.”” October 1, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Grant C. Jones

“”Scott is the consummate professional always seeking the forest and the trees at the same time. When you need a client experience/client loyalty job done on time I highly recommend Scott when you need to get a job done on time, within budget and professional done. Retaining Scott and their services is one of the best things you can do for your client service team, your client relationships and your business this year.”” July 25, 2011

John Dillard CPA, President, His CPA PC

“Scott is a consummate professional who understands his client’s business needs and provides financial solutions that exceed expectations. Partnering with Scott on financing deals and as a fellow member of the National Funding Association, Scott has proved to be a born leader who is an expert the field of factoring and financial services. I enjoy working with him and look forward to continue to recommend him in the future!” June 2, 2010

Janelle Foy, Credit Insurance Agent, Euler Hermes ACI

“Scott’s mantra is helping the client – even if that means referring them elsewhere. He is highly creative, very well connected, and brings experience as an entepreneur to his world view. Business owners in need of working capital financing advice should consult with Scott as a priority.” January 29, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

David Kirkup – Partner B2B CFO

“Scott brings a level of professionalism and follow through rarely seen these days. That coupled with solutions that are perfect for today’s market, make him a invaluable resource.” September 4, 2009

Mark Munson, Executive Director, Manufacturing Alliance

“Scott lead’s by example and many people find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Scott exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to business. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Scott without reservation. His drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your business.” July 6, 2009

Grant C. Jones, Credit Consultant, Barclays

“Scott is a high energy person with a detailed knowledge of accounts receivable financing and factoring. He is resourceful and creative in developing new business opportunities. He is a very personable individual and very dedicated to his profession. Scott would make an excellent new business officer for factoring, accounts receivable financing, or related businesses.” April 24, 2009

Barry Yelton, Senior Vice President, Federal National Payables

“Scott’s company was very creative at finding funding for our small business and on favorable terms too. Check them out if you are a small business lokin for Working Capital without losing your shirt.” March 11, 2009

Henry Ful, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Center Inc.

“In this age and state of asset-based lending, when little separates all the competitors, lenders have to distinguish themselves through their employees. No one understands that any better than Scott. He has the strength of character and endearing personality that wins friends and clients.

I had the opportunity to perform follow-up field exams at several of his prospective new business clients and found they selected our company largely on their comfort with Scott. He worked diligently to understand the client’s business, collateral, and financial needs. Then he would propose loan structures that he felt would be mutually satisfactory. He kept his prospects well informed of the progress of their loan requests and approvals – juggling many prospects at once.

Scott is one of those rare people who uses his boundless energy to help everyone around him even when it is not his job nor his duty to do so. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Scott and have him in my network of friends and business colleagues. Even though our paths have parted for now, if I can ever help you in any way, just call – and now you have it in writing.” February 19, 2009

Neal Posey, CPA, SVP – Corporate Audit Manager, Presidential Financial

“Scott is very knowledgeable with respect to Asset Based Lending and is results oriented.” February 13, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ernie Roy

“Scott worked as a Sales Person at Presidential and we interacted frequently. He was definitely a go-getter, always calling on prospects. In my capacity, if I needed anything Scott would be very receptive and always made sure the prospect got us what we needed. He was always friendly and courteous and a good addition to our sales team.” February 13, 2009

Eileen Cross, Loan Administration, Presidential Financial Corporation

“I recommend Scott. He is very professional and if I can’t get him on the phone right away then he returns my calls promptly. I think even one time he called me back during his family time, which is so very important to him and I. We both believe in a family work balance. Scott is a hard worker and if he says he is going to do some thing then you can count on it getting done!” February 13, 2009

Britt Christian, Investment Banker, Midtown Partners

“Scott is the kind of individual that only knows to give 110%. He will not give up until the job is accomplished with the element of his highest expectations. Of course resilence is a part of his personality also. I feel any company would be fortunate to have Scott Brown on board.

Linda Ellis
VP/Hamilton State Bank” February 13, 2009

Linda Ellis, Vice President, Hamilton State Bank

“Scott is a passionate and committed leader whose energy and enthusiasm are both infectious and inspiring.
His project management skills are second to none and his capacity for new ideas and innovate solutions is boundless.
Scott is terrific assett to work alongside and a great individual to know personally.” November 10, 2008

John R. Chamberlain, Regional Sales Manager, TruGreen Landcare

“Scott is a highly energetic, enthusiastic and self motivated person. He fully commits himself to understand customers/clients needs and goes over & beyond to find solutions. Gr8 person to know and work with…” October 16, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Jeetan Singh

“Scott Brown is a very dedicated businessman, who you will not regret having met. When he commits himself to a project he will find a solution.” October 15, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Scott Schneider

“I was helping a friend get financing for his business. Scott was very responsive in getting us the information we needed. He then sold the deal internally so my friend could get the money he needed for his business. Scott is very professional and I recommend him.” October 15, 2008

Tim Dravis, Product Manager, Melita/eshare/divine

“I’m currently working with Scott on providing financing to various businesses, including a dental office in Colorado. I enjoy working with Scott for several reasons, not the least of which is his tenacity in getting deals done quickly and efficiently.” October 3, 2008

Kent Harlan, CPA, President, Ozarks Capital Funding, LLC

“Scott is a dedicated, professional problem solver. He excels at identifying complex problems and creating solutions. He is incredibly ambitious and driven to be the best in everything that he does.” September 22, 2008

Susan Oliver, Nurse Practitioner, Allergy & Asthma Care Center

“Scott is an amazingly hard worker. His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond are unbeatable. He is an extremely valuable member of any team that is lucky enough to have him. Scott brings a commitment to success and a personality that shines.” September 15, 2008

Michelle West, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Presidential Financial

“Scott is a exceptional professional that goes above and beyond in all aspects of his business relationships and personal friendships.” September 16, 2008

Jennifer Lester, Sales Manager, Dealer Specialties

“Scott is very detail oriented and a pleasure to work with. I look froward to building a solid business relationship with him and his company.” February 13, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Charles Barthelemy

“I had the pleasure of knowing Scott at Riverside Military Academy. Scott was a wonderful student and cadet who went out of his way to help others. He was always in tip top order not only with his appearance but with his whole outlook on life. Scott was a fine leader and mentor who was highly regarded as a top cadet. Our time there was one of the memorable times of my life and I will continue to hold our friendship in the highest regards for many years to come.” October 1, 2009

Grant C. Jones, Student, Riverside Mlitary Acadamy,

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